The Korok Cousins - Dripp

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The Korok cousins are sweet, happy tree spirits that bring so much magic to Owlberry Lane. So magical, they spread their happiness wherever they go and are sure to bring smiles to your home.

Sculpted carefully in stages from flexible Cosclay, hand painted with the utmost attention to detail, and sealed for protection. A completely one of a kind piece from start to finish - a process which takes several days of work for each original sculpted piece.

Leaf mask is based off of a real bean leaf imprint. Handmade glass eyes which help bring this magical creature to life! Better lock up your snacks and socks!

5" tall, signed and numbered with certificate of adoption.

As pieces are handmade, tiny imperfections may occur. Not toys - art sculptures and as such not appropriate for children's play.

***Ships worldwide - but please note - international orders outside US and Canada must ship Priority International to include tracking for the safety of both parties and is sadly very expensive at no fault of my own. First Class International does not include tracking, and while I use it for smaller items, original sculpts must ship with tracking due to past experiences. Thank you for understanding!***