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Bubbles the Baby Octopus (Painted Pink with Shell Base)

Bubbles the Baby Octopus (Painted Pink with Shell Base)
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Who or what is that adorable creature swimming through the depths of the sea, in a place where the light can barely reach? Well, I'm not completely sure, but I think it's a species of octopus, or maybe an undiscovered cephalopod. For our purposes, it's an octopus. With some very adorable head nubbins.

So friends, meet Bubbles the Baby Octopus. Bubbles is a very particular species who delights in bringing light to places where dark, scary, entirely misunderstood sea animals lurk. They spend their days delighting those around them by doing fantastic swimming tricks with all those tentacles, and blowing bubbles in every shape you can imagine.

Making the deep sea a little less frightening, one bubble at a time.

Bubbles is 3" wide by 2.5" tall. Giant scallop shell base is 4"x4". Each lovingly and meticulously handmade by scratch with my own two hands, down to the eyeballs.

One of a kind, comes with COA and packed with extreme care.

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