Owlberry Lane


Hello and thanks for being here! Formally trained in art school in both graphic design and studio art, I have been an artist for over twenty-five years. For a decade, I was an award-winning graphic designer in the corporate sector before turning my focus to my studio art side. 

Owlberry Lane focuses on my love of traditional hand sculpting of art figures. It was originally inspired by my love of fantasy, which I've had since a child.

In addition, I'm forever learning. Although being a sculptor and painter off and on for decades - I am always learning new skills. Most recently, these last few years I have honed my molding and casting skills. 

Here's my little story about Owlberry Lane: Owlberry Lane is an old, moss-covered cobblestone street deep in the emerald forest. It is said that once an ancient tribe of elflings lived there, but it has been long since abandoned. Currently, it is home to many friendly creatures that sneak about the shadows of the forest living out their magical, but mostly silly, lives. 

Each has its own personality and will find their way into your heart, and most likely refrigerator.