Owlberry Lane

The Mighty Koroks (made to order)

The Mighty Koroks (made to order)
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The Mighty Koroks that live on Owlberry Lane are a fun bunch. They spend most of their days gathering mushrooms and flowers, but always have a trick or two up their sleeves when they think you aren't looking... and they think with their tummies. Always hungry. Always.

My Koroks are each hand sculpted from Cosclay polymer clay, meticulously painted, with handmade glass eyes. Each one is a little different and unique, one-of-a-kind truly with their own personalities! Sealed in polyurethane and stands about 5" tall (not exact because each is made individually so can vary a bit - photos are more for color/style reference).

Being made from scratch, they take me a little time - each takes several days of work, so please allow up to a month for your special Korok to be made (though it will likely take far less time than that).

Signed and numbered, comes with COA and gift-ready.

Not intended for children.

US shipping included. Orders outside of US and Canada must ship Priority International to include tracking outside the US. Thanks for understanding!