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Franken Noodle

Franken Noodle
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Noodle got dressed up for Halloween!

Noodle is a complicated, but fun loving fellow. He might chomp you a little. But! Have no fear, he will make it up to you by making you a lovely snack tray and snuggling up to you while you pick out your favorite movie.

Noodle is cast by me from my original sculpture in cement with handmade glass eyes. Hand painted and sealed in acrylic polyurethane. His little ghost buddy is glow-in-the-dark clay! For indoors only.

Size is 4.5" tall with ghostie. Ghost balances on head and does not come attached.

Edition of 5, signed and numbered with COA.

Due to the weight and materials (is heavy cement!), only available for shipping in the US - US shipping is included.

Not for children.