Socks the Yokai Kitty

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Socks is just like your typical tomcat (minus the whole marking business), only well... he's a Yokai. So that's a complete bonus if you're into the whole disappearing-reappearing thing, since he can travel between spirit worlds. Makes him a lot easier to take care of, since he doesn't need to be fed... but don't let that fool you, he still wants your love. Which is easy to do, since he is so adorable.

Completely hand-sculpted and painted, sealed for protection. Made from Cosclay, a flexible, durable clay.

Stands at 3" tall. Eyes are my signature handmade glass. Comes with kimono cord collar and handmade wood base (smaller than one shown).

Forever one of a kind. Signed and numbered.

My one-off sculpts ship Insured Priority within the US only.