Owlberry Lane

Little Devil Imp Cat

Little Devil Imp Cat
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Don't be fooled by that sticky sweet exterior - this creature is as ornery as they come. While they don't need fed or cleaned up after, they spend most of their time on Owlberry Lane trying to sneak out or terrorizing the little Koroqi. If adopted they will no doubt demand your attention at the most inopportune time. But who could say no to that face? I'll admit, I fall for their charms every single time.

• Adorable little devil individually handmade by me (not printed), cast in extremely smooth cement and painted in acrylics, sealed, with handmade resin eyes and unique cord collar with charm. Each completely one of a kind!

• Size 3" tall.

• Packed with extreme care with COA.

• Each handmade piece may contain imperfections and collar color may differ slightly from photo.

• Tortie color will vary in exact color placement.

• Pre-Order - please allow 2 weeks for piece to be made and shipped.

• Recommended for indoors only.