Dottie the Grumpy Bunny Who Was a Little Hungry

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Oh little Dottie has her knickers in a twist because it's been at least 30 seconds since she last ate, and she was so hungry she took a bite out of her hat. Her mum worked so hard on that outfit too, so she's trying her best to hide in the wardrobe with her trusty little friend to keep her company... hoping mum doesn't notice. She's too young to realize that mums always notice... no matter what.

Completely hand-sculpted and painted, sealed for protection. Made from Cosclay, a flexible, durable clay.

About 4.25" tall. Eyes are my signature handmade glass.

Forever one of a kind. Signed and numbered, with included COA (Certificate of Adoption).

***Ships worldwide - but please note - international orders outside US and Canada must ship Priority International to include tracking for the safety of both parties and is sadly very expensive at no fault of my own. First Class International does not include tracking, and while some use it, I am no longer able to take that risk due to past experiences. Thank you for understanding!***