Weathered Hydrostone Owlberry

$40.00 - $45.00

This ancient one likes to keep all the little woodland and garden creatures and spirits company, the ones we can see and the ones we cannot. On Owlberry Lane, you can find them along the path under a shady oak chatting with the fairies and tree spirits. In this realm, they will simply listen carefully while chipmunks run by and cause trouble. A perfect companion to watch over your garden or outdoor space.

Each hand cast by me from a hand sculpted design in a very smooth hydrostone mix and given a sealed ink bath. Each is one of a kind, color saturation will absolutely vary from light to dark, to all dark. I can't predict the outcome, and makes each a unique piece of art.

Open edition, signed. 3.5" tall. Over the course of time, the outward appearance may change from the weather giving this aged beauty even more depth.

Available with blue mica glass eyes or without.

Due to weight and materials, currently only available for shipping within U.S.. International friends may use a U.S. proxy address or forwarding service.