Resin Owlberry Totem Frost Edition


Somewhere in between the land of the spirits, and the land of the aos sí, live the ancient Totem Owlberries. Older than most on Owlberry Lane can recollect, they have partially turned to stone. A totem owl holds the wonder of a newborn, in the body of a sage. They carry a brass feather. Although they don't speak, only quietly whooooo, it is speculated that the feather represents the soul, or possibly the third eye chakra. Only the totem owls know for sure. They have turned up on Owlberry Lane suddenly in droves, and their presence is being celebrated by all the creatures who live there. Their minimalist nature represents the wisdom of simplicity.

This Totem Owlberry has been lovingly sculpted, molded, and cast by me. Stands 3.5" tall, and weighs in at 6 oz. of solid resin. Comes with necklace.

As with all of my sculpture work, it is made entirely by hand from start to finish. As such, each piece retains a little piece of soul and maybe a few imperfections.