Peach the Bunny (pre-order)

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Peach is just about the sweetest magic bunny you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her joy is just contagious - but full disclosure, she gets incredibly cranky if she doesn't get her morning carrot latte.

Each Peach is hand sculpted from cosclay, entirely painted, with handmade glass eyes and a real pink opal stone. Sealed in polyurethane and is about 4.5"-5" tall.

Completely one of a kind. Please allow 4-5 weeks for your Peach to come to life! Each will have tiny differences due to each being sculpted from scratch.

Comes signed by yours truly and with a COA.

Not intended for children.

Orders outside US and Canada must ship Priority International to include tracking beyond the US for the safety of both parties, which is sadly very expensive at no fault of my own. Thanks for understanding!