Nyashroom Rust Edition

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It's been a dry spring along Owlberry Lane. Mushrooms have been scarce. Cats too. Ok maybe not the cats....... erm. Well wouldn't you know it, this special hybrid species just popped up one day that has everyone completely baffled and it's been dubbed the Nyashroom! He's such a dapper fella too!

Part mushroom, part cat... ah the best of both worlds ;)

This Nyashroom is so rare, there is only one just like this in the entire world. Molded and cast from an original sculpture in solid hydrostone, this odd creature has a removable mushroom top!

I love how the paint is absorbed by the hydrostone - leaving fascinating texture marks, spots, and lines.

Hand painted and sealed in gloss enamel. Stands over 5" tall and with the hat on nearly 4" wide. As far as mushroom specimens go... a big fella.

Suitable for indoors or outdoors. Handmade, with imperfections by nature.

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