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Little Kodama Takes a Break

Little Kodama Takes a Break
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A Kodama is an ancient tree spirit, a friendly fellow - who helps guide folks through the forest. This particular kodama found a nice hollowed out rock after a recent rain and proceeded to sit one afternoon for a little break. I'm not sure if Kodamas get hot in the summer, but if so, jackpot little dude.

Kodama is cast by me in natural gray stone cement with a resin "pool". Very smooth feel with a lovely weight to it. Hand painted and sealed in acrylic polyurethane. 100% one of a kind! Please allow 10 days for your unique piece to be made by me! The material needs time to cure before shipping.

Signed open edition. Size is 2.5 inches. Ships worldwide.

Makes a lovely little garden friend, but please note if kept outdoors may weather over time and I would recommend keeping it dry.